The topic of Flash on the iPhone has been a hot one for several months. Adobe Flash is a very widely used application which allows users to develop web content, videos and websites that playback through Flash. The advantages of Flash include fast, easy and cheap production of high quality and interactive content for individual users, small businesses and even large companies. Flash support has been controversial on many devices for a wide range of factors including the initial slow growth of Flash.

These days Flash has a large chunk of the internet and many different Websites can be found running flash. In addition there is a large amount of fun and interactive media including games across the internet that run on Flash. Some of the most common web based games that users would need flash to run include those found on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. Most of the games found on these websites are incredibly addictive to users and would be of great value if they could be played on the iPhone platform.

Many websites that offer video based content also use Flash to deliver that content which makes it inaccessible to iPhone OS users. While some websites have began to adopt HTML5 which eliminates the need for Flash to deliver things such as video and games there are still many websites that are not making any steps toward HTML5 and may not ever choose too. Therefore it is essential for the iPhone OS to adopt support for the Flash platform. While Steve Jobs states that Flash on the iPhone would cause the battery to drain faster and slower performance that should be left to the discretion of users to enable or disable Flash; it should not be negated by Apple.

Imagine if Adobe suddenly decided that the Apple Macintosh would make the Photoshop software look bad or function improperly so they simply stopped releasing it for Mac? How would Apple feel and how would they respond? It is a very poor decision by Steve Jobs to negate Flash support on the iPhone OS, especially with the new Free iPad having so much processing power and being pushed as a full multimedia experience: yet it negates a huge portion of the internets media content which is distributed via Adobe Flash. It just seems that the next generation iPhone OS should at least be able to support Flash.

Why Steve Jobs is an Idiot by not supporting Flash!
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3 thoughts on “Why Steve Jobs is an Idiot by not supporting Flash!

  • October 22, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Let it go already. Flash is a resource hog. It’s unstable, easy for hackers to break and or steal content. Most of those games are mindless and html5 addresses most of these issues. Not the mindless game issue mind you. Flash is already dead. Let it go in peace.


    s t Reply:

    JD dont talk so much crap you sad little troll


  • March 14, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    Wow. Really? That’s the most comprehensive repy you can come up with? I’m not pro Apple or pro PC. Whatever you like you like. I am however anti Flash and pro decent web standard for all to live in peace and harmony. I don’t spend my days insulting other people personally based on their opinions. In your case however, I can see why the site is called idiotbrain. A troll by any other name…


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