Geek InsideAfter doing technology & Internet related work for the last 14years; this hierarchy chart I just now saw for the first time, caught my eye, and I searched it to see if anything was of interest to me now or in the past. Well to keep this short; it was actually pretty true. Trekkies are definatly more leet than the average sci-fi fan…

This came came from:

Geek Hierarchy

The Geek Hierarchy 11×14: 11″x14″ Printable Poster (.pdf)
Abridged Version – Shortened version

For those that are wondering they do have “Klingon Weddings
And a pretty large? Furries Community <- most will find this "odd"...... ....I need an Idiot Chart......

Who’s more geekier than who, that is the question?
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One thought on “Who’s more geekier than who, that is the question?

  • June 6, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    Stardate 5034: overpopulation of tribbles leads to new sex toy discoveries. Will gerbils near extinction? Will anal bead manufacturing companies go under?


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