In an apparant slap in the face to the VEOH community, they are no longer allowing you to view vidoes longers than 20 minutes from their flash browser, instead they are only allowing 5 minute previews and are forcing people to use the brokenware VeohTV player. This is a horrible decision by veoh as there are plenty of other video sharing sites around now (Broadcaster, Guba, Myspace Videos, GoFish, iMeem, vidshadow, etc…..).

The kicker is all websites that have embedded these 20+ minute videos are now pretty much broken because Veoh appearantly doesn’t care about the synergistic traffic any longer.

To show your disdain for this VEOH policy change, please visit the following Links

and most importantly: DIGG IT!

Video Sharing site VEOH screws members and website partners big time!!!!!!!!!!
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