Homer Simpson

These are just some of the great quotes from the Simpsons tv-series, I’m sure there are hundreds more ….





  • “Stop you idiots!” – Mayor Quimby
  • “Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t understand.” – Homer Simpson
  • “Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark, they shoot bees at you?” – Homer Simpson
  • “this is so Crappy Crap Crap..!” – Bart Simpson
  • “I’m a white male, age 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are. ” – Homer Simpson
  • “it dosen’t matter if you win or lose its how drunk you get.” – Homer Simpson
  • “Marge, this may be hard to believe, but I’m trapped inside two vending machines.” – Homer Simpson”
  • “you really don’t want that; trust me. ” – Dredorick Tatum
  • “me flunk english? that’s unpossible.” – Ralph Wiggim
  • “oh no, i’m going to die in my jammies” – Bart Simpson
  • “eat my pantaloons.” – Bart Simpson (playing Hamlet)
  • “i know you can hear my thoughts bart; you’r ass is mine.” – Skinner
  • “Mmmm, beer. ” – Homer Simpson
  • “Save me Jebus, save me.” – Homer Simpson
  • “It takes two to lie… one to lie and one to listen” – Homer Simpson
  • “do you really want to have sex on half a mattress and behind a billboard?” – Marge Simpson
  • “I feel like a chicken already, i just made an egg in my pants!” – Ralph
  • “please Mr. Simpson, if you are not going to buy anything get out and COME AGAIN! ” – Apu
  • “my mom works at hooters but she plans to work in vegas for a REAL strip club.” – Nelson
  • “Don’t kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about!” – Troy McClure
  • “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try. ” – Homer Simpson
  • “Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals … except the weasel.” – Homer Simpson
  • “No children have ever meddled with the Republican Party and lived to tell about it” – Sideshow Bob
  • “Tonight I’m going to party like it’s on sale for $19.99!” – Apu
  • “My Homer is not a communist.  He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is not a porn star.” – Grandpa


Top 25 Simpsons quotes of all time
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