Cookie Diet - A Junkfood Junkie's Best Friend??There's a new diet in town, well not so new, but one that is not that well known. It involves eating cookies to help curb your appetite. The cookie diet was created in the 1970's by Dr. Sanford Siegal, a Miami physician. He wanted to create something that would help people control their hunger so that they would stick to their diets and ultimately lose weight, thus he invented the Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet.

Of course being the skeptic I am, and hearing the words "Cookie Diet" I felt this had to be a big joke. But the idea is that you don't just eat only cookies. It's meant to be a compliment to your existing diet. A treat if you will.

Dr. Sanford Siegal's COOKIE DIET™Dr. Siegal claims that his cookies taste good, but not delicious. He counters this by saying "Delicious cookies make people fat". Well, I certainly haven't heard of any diet food tasting delicious, so no surprise there. In the past thirty-two years, over a half a million people have used the cookie diet to help them lose weight and curb their unhealthy eating habits. Sanford personally makes all the cookies himself by hand in his own bakery. I just don't see how he has the time to practice medicine and bake!

This is certainly a novel approach to a serious problem in this country and this is the first I've heard of the cookie diet, so if you're interested to read further about it, visit Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet website to learn more. I personally have not tried this product, but if anyone out there has, please leave a comment or try it for youself and let us know!

The Cookie Diet – Could it Really be True?
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