17 year old Georgia Teen Jailed for Oral sex with a younger teen.A Georgia teenager, Genarlow Wilson, now 19 has been in jail for two years. Why? Because when he was 17 he had consensual sex with a fifteen year old girl. A judge on on Monday, June 11th basically nulled the ten year sentence he was supposed to serve…. But…

The Georgia Attorney General, Thurbert Baker has appealed the Judge's decision saying he didn't have the authority to make such a decision. Now Genarlow is in limbo awaiting hearings on wether or not the judge can change the prior judges ruling.

This is absurd, we were all teenagers once and screwing our brains out (sorry parents, but it's true). Genarlow Wilson should not sit in jail for something almost every other teenager in this country is doing….being a teenager! Georgia residents should be irate over this! Perhaps it's a case of race, perhaps it's a case of the appearantly 'idiotic' Attorney General of Georgia wanting to run for a bigger public position, or hell, is it a re-election year?

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Teens not allowed to have sex with other teens?
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