Worldwide tuna shortage may hurt our sushi eating waysThere is an international shortage of tuna that may very well ruin our sushi eating ways. Japan eats the most popular Bluefin Tuna, and consumes 60,000 tons a year, 75% of the world’s annual catch. The Bluefin just can grow quick enough. This has left Japan looking for alternatives in sushi dining, like using raw deer meat or Shergar, horsemeat.

In a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Shigekazu Ozoe, the chief is considering switching to horse and deer if the tuna supply runs out. If that happens the US may not be far behind. I think sushi just wouldn’t be the same. Maybe the venison, I could get used to, but the horse meat just wouldn’t pass for sushi in my book. At least in the US restaurants can serve weird meat and claim it as something else, so at least we are safe there. Japan eats most of the tuna, they should substitute the horse and deer meat, and save the good sushi for the rest of the world. After all, they just can’t get us hooked on eating sushi and then destroy it for us.

Deer Sushi?

horse sushi? 

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Sushi Shortage may lead to Horse Sushi, Deer Sushi?
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One thought on “Sushi Shortage may lead to Horse Sushi, Deer Sushi?

  • June 26, 2007 at 9:08 am

    I think this is fascinating. I would love to try deer sushi (though I’m not sure I’d necessarily like it more than fish sushi). I find it refreshing that the Japanese acknowledge the problem of overfishing, put rules in place to prevent it, and then find other solutions for their consumption (may the US follow their lead!).


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