Everyone has probably heard of sumo wrestling at some point in their lives; it conjures up images of big fat Japaneese men wearing tight shorts rubbing up against each other. Appearantly, it's not just for the guys any longer. Now, women are joining the sumo circuit, and these are not women wearing sumo wrestling suits. Check out these pictures.

I hope you're not expecting hot sumo wrestler girls that rub up against each other in a dainty or sexy way, these sumo girls will flatten you in a heartbeat!

Girls wrestling sumo style!

Don't mess with these sumo girls

Sumo wrestler girls getting their game on

Sumo girls

These sumo wrestler ladies certainly don't look Japaneese!


Hopefully, you're not that scared or shaken after seeing these sumo wrestlers…err sumo girls.

Sumo Wrestling – Not Just for the Guys
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