Red sexy bike - having sex with your bikeA Scottish man Robert Stewart, who is 51 was staying at the Aberley House Hostel. The Aberley House is hotel for the homeless. Robert was a little drunk and thought it might be fun to have sex with his bicycle. He was getting huffy with his huffy, when two cleaning people walked in on him.

Robert was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, simulated sex with a bicycle and doing so in the presence of two female employees.

Robert denies the allegations, claiming that it is just a misunderstanding. How much of a misunderstanding can it be? He was caught humping the bike while he was naked from the waist down. The bike must have been so sexy, he didn’t have the time to take his shirt off.

Why is this a crime? I’m sure the bike doesn’t mind. Next time Robert should make sure the door is locked.

Sex with your bike? I don’t think so.
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