Appearantly unbeknowst to P Diddy, one of the jackets in his Sean John line of clothing that is sold nationwide by the department store chain Macys, contained raccoon dog fur instead of synthetic fur. The garments manufactured in China were supposed to contain imitation rabbit fur. 


Macy’s has stated that they have pulled the plug on the “Mislabeled” jackets. 

Read the whole story at The Consumerist.

Idiots! Do they think we’re stupid? They get thiese things made in China, a country with very little oversight. I’m sure some 8 year old girl in a sweatshop was paid 25 cents to put this thing together. 

Sean Jean P.Diddy Jacket is made of dog fur!
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One thought on “Sean Jean P.Diddy Jacket is made of dog fur!

  • June 6, 2007 at 10:41 pm

    Who the fuck wears fur anyway? Is P. Diddy Siberian?? Does it really get that god damned cold in the temperate zone of southern California? Do residents of North Dakota enjoy shoveling snow in style? Or is there a surprisingly strong demand for costumes in the ever-growing furries community? Why not just kill the fucking fur fashion? Wool and cow skin have been fashionable, why not make conglomerate skin hip? It would automatically be of value. Or how about trout skin? I would personally LOVE to flaunt a suit of shiny rainbow scales at the local martini bar!

    As far as I’m concerned, a pimp can wear all the mink he can buy. It’s not like he’s got “moral” standards to begin with. If anything, fur should be restricted to the use of pimps and pimps alone. That would make it SO much easier to score three overweight african-american shemales for a night of softened butterstick injections and sweat-soaked swordplay.

    Save the whales.


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