Ronnie!Have you ever wondered what happens in a day to Ronald McDonald? Like most people, you probably haven’t and never even thought about it. We’ve been fortunate enough to have spies tailing him to report these pictures back to us. This is what happened to Ronald just the other day!

Ronald working the phones
Ronald McDonald starts his day working the phones, is this one of the clowns working for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign?

Ronald Mcdonald holding a python
He then goes on to do a presentation to local elementary school, this one involves a big snake.
Ronald Mcdonald doing Endorsements
After Lunch he hangs with some of his celebrity buddies.
Ronald McDonald is a stoner
He has a satisfing “SmokeOut” session, he then heads back to work.

Mcdonald being escorted 
Uh-Oh, Ronald got caught!

Ronald McDonald going to jail
Ronald Gets Hauled off to Jail.

Ronald McDonald after Prison!
Ronald the next day after being picked on in prison by countless inmates viciously chanting “Where’s the Beef”

Ronald McDonald Homeless
Ronald a week later after his wife kicked him out and he lost his job.

Ronald McDonald Exposed!
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3 thoughts on “Ronald McDonald Exposed!

  • June 4, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    Now, I realize what this 2008 election is all about. It is not about voting red or blue. I have reviewed countless articles on the candidates, watched the debates, and believe the following:

    If you want continued loss of liberty,
    If you want more government in your personal lives and wallet,
    If you want the mainstream media to pick your president for you,
    If you want more Americans killed at home and overseas from terrorists,
    If you want our government to continue making enemies faster than we can kill them,
    If you want to be a renter on your own property and be subject to eviction,
    If you want other countries to control America’s financial destiny, and want our manufacturing base continue to be transferred away,
    If you enjoy being lied to by flip-floppers and scoundrels,

    Then, vote for anyone EXCEPT Ron Paul.

    This election has already become very personal to me. I now have hope that things are really going to change for the better – at long last. At 58 years of age, I’ve voted red or blue my whole life. Government just keeps getting bigger, their debts more unpayable, and I keep swimming faster and faster trying to keep my head above water.

    Finally, I realized that there IS a candidate that is running for a major party’s nomination that is actually telling me the truth. The truth that our government and Federal Reserve Bank have been debasing our money – the hidden tax that NOBODY else mentions. The truth that the same laws that are taking away our freedoms and liberty are unconstitutional. The truth that bigger government CANNOT solve problems, but only makes them worse, creating additional problems. The truth that ANYTHING done by government costs more than if left to the free market. Ron Paul speaks truth in telling us that liberty and freedom will unite Americans. AND it will gain us our lost respect in the eyes of the world.

    Ron Paul in 2008.


  • July 10, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    I heard Ronald McDonald was in prison for rape! Got caught putting his Big Mac in Wendy’s Hot & Juicy!


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