The Pet food recall was one of the largest nationwide product recalls ever.In the last ten months we have seen several major recalls including the massive Peanut Butter and Dog Food recalls. Recently, but less well known there has been a worldwide toothpaste recall. What started off as a recall in Costa Rica, seems to be spreading to recalls & bans in other countries as well.

At least one Chineese official has been found guilty of accepting bribes in the matter and has executed. Whether he deseres it or not is unappearant as the only information that comes out of China, is the information China wants to come out. But according to sources, his lack of judgement resulted in the death of at least ten people due to his approval of an antibiotic.

Is China trying to just figure out more creative ways to kill us all? Let’s hope they get their act together before something really important gets tainted like…..Ketchup!

Recall after Recall – What isn’t Tainted? Peanut Butter, Dog Food, and Now Toothpaste. Whats Next?
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