Do Laser Printers Cause Cancer? - A new study shows it may be as harmful as cigarette smokingAn Austrialian university released a study that determined there is a very good chance that laser printers, or more precisely the toner cartridge, may cause cancer at levels that are on par with someone who smokes cigarettes! The tobacco industry has battled numerous lawsuits, spending billions of dollars in monetary awards, awareness programs, and legal fees because of tobacco / cigarettes role in deaths and illnesses nationwide.

This is really shocking as look over and see my HP 3030 sitting next to me….the printers they tested were mainly HP Laser Printers, but mine doesn’t appear to be included. What do you think? Are the lawyers scrambling to be first to find a client so that they can sue the printer makers for causing their client cancer and saying this is a class action issue……..

Are printer makers like HP, Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and so many other and let’s not forget the toner makers, next on the list of product liability lawsuits? Only time will tell, but you might want to trade that laser printer in for an ink-jet printer. It could save your life!

Original Story: Click Here | The Complete university study

Printers Cause Lung Cancer? Uh Oh! are Laser Printer Makers the Next Target of Cancer Cause Lawsuits?
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