A recent multi-venue undercover operation by Live Action Films has produced incredibly shocking video of Planned Parenthood counselors helping undercover pimps with their “workers”. This particular video was taken in New Jersey and the pimp gets business advice and even seems to make a deal to fast track his girls through the system so that they can get exams, birth control, and abortions. He even makes it clear that some of his girls are 14 years of age and/or in this country illegally.

Planned Parenthood gets hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from the federal government. This is going to blow up even more in the coming days and weeks ahead as Live Action films releases other undercover videos from other Planned Parenthood locations.

It’s sad that the anti-abortion (Pro Life) zealots will be all over this and calling for the end to Planned Parenthood. They provide a highly needed service and it’s a shame that the actions of a few might actually cause them to shutdown.

Planned Parenthood – Helping Pimps Handle 14 Year Old Hookers
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