Rats! Rats! everywherePet problem gone wild, Wanda Landstom, 81 was found living in a house like a zoo. On Monday, June 4, Animal Control had seized 120 pet rats, 25 rabbits, six parakeets, a quail, a cockatiel, and a dog. Wanda started out with only a few harmless pets, just a couple of rabbits and a couple of pet rats. What she didn’t know was how fast these animals multiple.  Soon her rats had re-produced into 120 pet rats. Poor Wanda couldn’t part with her beloved furry friends, and soon ran out of cages to house them all, so she decided to let them run free in her house. What I am wondering, is how one would walk around a house with so many rats and avoid stepping on them and having to clean up rat shit from 120 of the bastards running around. And let’s not forget her population of rabbits, at 25. 
I feel sorry for the Animal Control that had to walk through all that pet feces. They ended up seizing all of Wanda’s pets with the exception of two rabbits. All the animals are healthy and are now available for adoption. I guess poor Wanda has nothing else to do but get two more of each and start the breeding all over again.

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Pet Problem Gone Wild
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One thought on “Pet Problem Gone Wild

  • June 6, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    With all those rats, rabbits and birds… the dog must have been well fed.


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