O.J. Simpson Mug Shot from his arrest in LA in 1994Does trouble find OJ or does OJ just seem to always find trouble? Prosecutors in Las Vegas havefiled numerous charges against him for an altercation at the Palace Station hotel in Las Vegas. If convicted of these latest charges, OJ could spend the rest of his life behind bars. OJ claims he was setup and was only going to reclaim some of his treasured memorabilia from his football days.

There are plenty of places to read about OJ’s latest troubles, so I won’t rehash OJ’s ordeal. Everyone seems out to get OJ, they want him to pay for his past crimes that he was acquited of. I’m not passing judgement against OJ either way, but I think OJ is not being treated fairly by the LVMPD and the prosecutors pushing the case, they seem to really want to nail his ass and stick him in jail for a very long time! Well, some might say thats a good thing. I could care less, I just enjoy reading about all the silly drama. To OJ and all the prosecutors, keep it up, it makes for great blogging!

Here is the latest picture of his arrest in Las Vegas!
OJ arrested in Las Vegas on numerous charges

Oh yeah, you might want to check out the book that was coincidently released last week, If I Did It. Of course OJ lost all rights to the book, but his troubles have vaulted the book to the top of the best seller list. Good for the Goldman family huh?

O.J. Simpson – Trouble Just Follows Him – Prosecutors Press Charges
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