In the past week there has been a huge amount of buzz, controversy, and speculation generated from a video posted on video sharing site Youtube. The video depicts a very sexy girl, Amber Lynn Ettinger in a racy video titled "I got a Crush…on Obama". As you should already know, Barack Obama is running for President in 2008. There are so many aspects of the video that make this an interesting topic to pick apart, but I'll stick to the sex appeal aspect of it.

First, everyone knows that in America, sex sells! Amber was chosen as a Maxim Girl of the Day and was a former Hometown Hotties contender, also of Maxim origin. There is no doubt she looks incredibly stunning in her tight little shorts and high heels, but what kind of message are we sending to the predominatly young Youtube audience? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for hot semi-naked chicks pimping our next president, whoever that may be. But let's face it, the video is about a hot girl! The only reason it got extra attention is because politics, and inparticular the 2008 presidential elections are popular Internet topics. There will be people that vote for Obama because they saw a video on the Internet with a big breasted hottie singing about him and bouncing around, and that's all they can remember. I don't think boobs can win an election though but you never know!

The video has already been viewed more than 1.3 million times (as of this writing) and I imagine it cost very little for them to produce and probably no more than a couple of days of filming. IdiotBrain has actually used big breasted women for our own publicity and monetary gain in the past, our resident Blonde Idiot filmed the hugely popular how to fold your clothes series. It was inevitable for sex and presidential elections to mix, especially when we have had a porn star run for governor of California in the past.

For those that haven't seen the ObamaGirl video:

Now if only we could get bikini clad babes to trot around and bounce during the presidential debates holding up signs (round 1…round 2…round 3……)more people might actually watch them and learn about the issues! 

Official ObamaGirl Website

ObamaGirl Video – Sex and Politics in a Presidential Election
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