So, how familiar is everyone with the term “Indian Giver”? Not to be mistaken for something that is given by a person of Indian decent, but meaning, “Someone who gives something to someone as a present, but then asks for it back.” Well everybody, it is sure to be said that President Barack Obama is not an Indian, and nor did he mean to actually give away an RQ-170 drone to the people of Iran, but regardless they have a U.S. spy plane in their hands and Mr. Obama is asking for it back.

The Obama administration has said they made a formal request for Iran to return the surveillance drone back to the U.S.

How did the people of Iran respond? Just as anyone else would have in their position, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, showed no interest in returning the drone, but has said that his scientists have already learned how to control the technologically advanced plane. I don’t blame them, I don’t think that if the U.S. government had a spy plane in their possession from anywhere, where they felt potential threats could come from that they would return it either. President Obama also was not quick to answer the media when the question was asked what type of information was on the drone, as he shrugged the question off, basically refusing to answer the question.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went on a live broadcast on Venezuelan state television and said ‘The Americans have perhaps decided to give us this spy plane. We now have control of this plane.’

Former U.S. President Dick Cheney questioned President Obama for his approach on dealing with the situation, insisting he should have ordered an airstrike over Iran instead. He told CNN ‘The right response would have been to go in immediately after it had gone down and destroy it. You can do that from the air and in effect make it impossible for them to benefit from having captured that drone. But, he (President Obama) asked nicely for them to return it, and they aren’t going to.’

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said they are not optimistic about getting the drone back because of recent Iranian behavior that Clinton said showed that Iran’s path seems to be going down as a dangerous one for themselves and the region.

Obama Begs Iran to Return Spy Drone
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