Court rules women in New York City can be topless in public.The ruling, from a 1992 state appeals court says that women should have the same right as men to remove their tops in public. Once such bare breasted lass, Jill Coccaro was arrested around two years ago for being topless has settled a civil rights case with the city for $29,000.

Jill was arrested and held for about 12 hours before being released and later sued the city…. and won. Her attorney, Jeffrey Rothman who broke the news via the Daily News said the city admitted no wrong doing!

Women can now leave the strip clubs and walk up and down 5th Ave. and make more money in a few minutes taunting police to arrest them for being topless than they could working a few months in Scores! It's a hell of lot quicker to get money this way for a breast augmentation surgery than giving lap dances for $25 a pop. Hopefully this is a trend that will catch on!

Women can be topless in NYC without fear of arrest.

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New York City pays women for being topless! $29,000
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