Audley Yung built a bomb to blow up the UC Riverside campus hoping it would be cancelled so his mother didn't find out he dropped out

A 22 year man from Riverside, CA was arrested for making bomb threats to the University of California. Audley Yung, the man charged with six felony counts, admitted to building a bomb and setting a palm tree on fire. Unfortunately, Yung’s ultimate plan to have the graduation ceremony canceled, had failed.

Yung was attending the university last summer but didn’t have the required credits to graduate because he had dropped out of school. Yung’s mother was unaware her son wasn’t even in school, and was planning on driving down from northern California for the ceremony. Talk about pressure, he obviously had no choice….. I don't think he has a chance of getting a degree from UC now.

Police speculate that the bomb scare was all for his mother, so she didn’t find out that her son isn’t going to graduate. I guess it was too embarrassing to tell his mother he dropped out of college, instead she found out when he was arrested for threatening to blow the school up. It seems to me, that telling your mother that you have been arrested for terrorism is more embarrassing.

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Mommy, don’t come to graduation, I built a bomb…oh yeah I dropped out!
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One thought on “Mommy, don’t come to graduation, I built a bomb…oh yeah I dropped out!

  • September 6, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Obviously he did not really want to blow the school up, it was a ruse, a red herring to throw people off. Yes he was selfish in wanting to cancel the graduations, but if they really went on, he wouldn’t have done anything else anyways. He would have just said “fuck it, I’ll just have to tell my parents the truth now that plan Z didn’t even work”. Can’t blame a guy for trying to weasel his way out of a bad situation. I’d say he had balls for doing what he did.


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