The Major League Steroid Problem!?Judgement day has arrived for Major League Baseball, the Mitchell Report, released on December 13th reveals which MLB players are using steroids.

Rumor has it, among the first names released was Roger Clemens, seven-time Cy Young Award winner.

This brings even more questions like how the hell these big-name stars are getting so much money, with the MLB appearantly just turning a blind eye. The age of medically enhanced sports stars (wether steroid use, gentical enhancement, etc..) is about to take a major turn with the release of the Mitchell Report.

The Mitchell Report, appearantly 304 pages exhibits plus exhibits (A mighty big report indeed)

Of course, exactly who is named in the report will not be available until the report is actually released. Stay tuned here for breaking updates on the Major League Doping!

Perhaps MLB’s buddies over at the NFL started using steroids….
Imagine if our NFL / American Football Players looked like this?
Steroids Gone Wild?

Update #1 In addition to Clemens, long time friend Andy Pettitte was also named in the Mitchell Report.

Mitchell Report Reveals Which Baseball Players Are Using Steroids
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