Yahya Jammeh, the 41 year old president of Gambia has a miracle cure for AIDS with seven magic herbs and bananas. Medical professionals are skeptical, I wonder why! After all these are magic herbs. Jammeh's healing powers are available only on Thursdays and he has the ability to cure AIDS, asthma, and diabetes.

I have some cooking herbs, and some bananas, does that mean that I can win the Noble peace prize, for a cure to a disease that has plagued the world for the last 25 years.

To the rest of the world this seems unlikely. Gambia however, is a poor South African country with a population of 1.6 million and has a very low literacy rate. Approximately 75 percent of the Gambian people live off the land. Superstitions, and magic beliefs run high, most Gambians still go to their traditional witchdoctor healers for medical attention. Millions of men believe that the HIV infection can be cured by simply having sex with a virgin. Many men don’t even believe that condoms offer protection from acquiring AIDS. They think the condoms are infected with the HIV virus or that condom usage is encouraged by the white man to lower the African birth rate.

Forget about the birthrate, it is estimatJammeh - witchdoctor healered that 6 million in South African are infected with the HIV virus, more than a thousand people in South African die every day from AIDS. The population is dwindling rapidly. Doctors can only estimate the infected number of people, due to the widespread denial. Most Africans consider AIDS the disease of shame, and prefer to just deny that they have it. Many Africans don’t even believe that there is a blood test the see if you have the disease. They deny having it until coming down with symptoms, so they infect many others before they even know they have the disease.

AIDS virus pic

It is sad that Jammeh takes advantage of the desperate people of his country with such fairytales of his super healing power. Banana cure my ass! Jammeh should be tried as a criminal for these crimes, letting people believe they are cured from HIV-AIDS and further infecting others!


Miracle AIDS Cure with Bananas and Magic Herbs
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