According to this post on the GoogleBlog, Microsoft Bing is copying the search results from Google.

In the article, Google lays out a test that they preformed that shows that there is NO way that the Microsoft could ever associate certain random search phrases with specific pages that Google inserted into the search engines. The evidence that they show is pretty convincing that Microsoft is taking your search data and using it themselves….. There is no word on how often or to what extent Microsoft is both spying on you and using your search history. Microsoft has denied it uses Google for any such thing.

What do you think? Should Microsoft be doing this? Is it making Bing more of a ‘Decision’ engine by tracking the results of others and integrating them into Bing?

Original Story: Microsft Bing uses Google Search

Microsoft is Spying on Your Google Searches and Copying the Results for use in Bing.
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