It is safe to say that seeing people fight and hurt themselves is ok, but only if the people who are a part of the fight that are hurting themselves while causing a scene to everyone around them are “rednecks”, right?

Well, to Palm City, Florida resident Mark Thomas Wach that is a reasonable statement. On November 28th, 2011, the Martin County Sheriff office said a passing deputy responded to an altercation that the deputy witnessed between Mark Thomas Wach and his 18 year old son. Investigators said Wach’s son told the deputies that he confronted his father about 45 minutes prior to the deputy’s arrival, in which he found his father intoxicated and shooting at his lawnmower with a pistol in front of his home. Sounds like a great parent, right?

The son then proceeded to tell detectives about how he took the handgun from his father (Wach), who left but came back in a short time after with a shotgun. Supposedly, the son then proceeded to explain how Mark Wach then was pointing the shotgun at his son. Then both the father and son started to fight each other, Wach, a drunken mess and his son; who felt like he was in need to fight for his life probably by this point. This is when the deputy who was passing by came into play, investigators said.

Once the deputy was on the scene, Mark Wach allegedly refused to comply with the deputy’s demands in which he should stop fighting with his son. Mark Wach, who was belligerent by this time then left the deputy no other choice but to present his stun gun to Wach, in which Mark Wach soaked up an electrifying charge three times to finally obey the deputy’s wishes. I don’t know about the rest of you but just one zap from a stun gun should be enough for someone to immediately stop whatever it was that they were doing at the time of being shocked, guess drinking all day clouds more than your judgment, but toleration to pain as well.

Once in custody of the deputy, Mark Wach was said to be found clueless as to why he was in trouble or being placed under arrest. I guess to him, it is ok to disrespect someone and their property, even if they’re family. Walch then told deputies “I shoot in the yard all the time and that fighting is what redneck people do.” If that’s how it goes, I think someone should hold a meeting and get these “rednecks” heads right and explain the dangers of these actions, especially when being intoxicated.

Mark Wach: Fighting Is Ok If You’re A Redneck
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