Lather & Lace - Lingerie haircuts in Salem, New HampshireIn Salem, New Hampshire there is a very different kind of men's only, hair salon called Lather & Lace. The stylists cut your hair while wearing lingerie and skimpy outfits. Now, I can imagine what you guys are thinking, “What else do I get with my haircut?”. Well, they only provide standard hair salon services, but with a view!

Kevin Bean, 48 went to get a haircut at this trendy salon. He went to the bathroom and came out in his underwear. Kevin’s stylist told him to put his clothes on and turned her back to him. Maybe he thought it was part of a role game, or maybe he wanted a different kind of haircut. When the stylist turned around Kevin was totally naked.

Employees kicked Kevin out naked, locked the door, and called the police.

What a tease, this guy gets excited about his genital haircut, gets thrown out naked and gets a trip to jail. Poor guy. I hope he wasn’t naked for his trip to jail.

Lather & Lace website  – It's a great concept and I'm sure they do lots and lots of "business" – no pun intended

Lather & Lace – Haircuts in Lingerie, what a concept
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3 thoughts on “Lather & Lace – Haircuts in Lingerie, what a concept

  • July 3, 2007 at 11:47 am

    He was drunk when he had a haircut, I personally know him and he’s done othr very innappropriate things in his life like pee off a balcony and uses innappropriate innuendo’s in front of (but to be safe not to to my knowledge, I hope)little kids, and even yells in front of children as well. I even spoke to him about his behavior and asked him how he felt, he said he didnt care that he scared the little girl, I even told him that I can tell he’s embarrassed about peeing off a balcony, he denied it, and this way before the salon incedent, which I can tell he’s also embarrassed about. Long story short don’t drink and have a hair cut 😀


  • September 24, 2007 at 11:52 am

    wow! crazy how people talk so much crap about somewhere when they havent even walked in the place! first of all, that girl in that pic with the lingerie is waaaaaaay out of our clothing standards, we dress classy and sexy and sorry but there is no extra “business” besides your typical hair cut and a little pampering with a HOT FACE TOWEL and shoulder massage! you people need to get a life!


  • January 17, 2008 at 2:03 am

    I expected the girls to be hotter.


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