Mass Muder in Cheesland!Delavan, Wisconsin is a quiet little town with about 8000 people. P.T Barnum’s Circus was founded there, in 1871. In this quiet little town a domestic dispute ended in six deaths and the wounding of a toddler. Police responded to a domestic disturbance, Saturday June 9, kicking in the door with their guns drawn.

Police found the two year old girl, who was wounded by gunshots, nearby. The father, Ambrocio Analco, 22 was among one of the dead. Two twin boys were also dead, they were only 2-3 months. The mother of the children is also dead. Some neighbors say that they had never heard any commotion in the apartment before. Investigators still are trying to figure out what happened. From what it looks like is, someone was upset and just shot up everyone and everything. Appearantly PT Barnum isn't the only weirdo to come from Delavan.

Just Shoot Everybody
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  • June 19, 2007 at 9:14 am

    That was a really sad situation there. It was actually the woman’s husband who called 911 to report the shootings; he had managed to get out before it started and used a neighbor’s home. The two-year-old is really fortunate to still be alive; they haven’t said how she managed to get out into the van, but she was found there.

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