Jessica Simpson maskNow that there’s a big contreversy about Jessica Simpson and Cowboys quatarback boyfriend Tony Romo. The people at have come up with a great idea…. Jessica Simpson masks. It is meant to distract Tony Romo in future games.

Jessica Simpson cutout mask

Tony had a horrible game whilst his girlfriend, yup Jessica Simpson, was in attendence. And it wasn’t a single incident, this has happened to Tony before with a different girlfriend… Teammate Terrell Owens made a statement saying that perhaps Jessica should stay away during the playoffs….. Perhaps the “Jinx” is just coincidence.

Enjoy the do it yourself mask, it’s free!

If you want the full size mask Click Here

Jessica Simpson Mask is a big hit if you dislike the Cowboys

One thought on “Jessica Simpson Mask is a big hit if you dislike the Cowboys

  • May 7, 2010 at 3:26 am

    I hope Jessica Simpson has found her true love this time with Jeremy Renner. She deserves to have a new man in her life.


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