crezendo condoms In Bhopal, India a new vibrating condom has sparked controversy. The Madhya Pradesh government has banned sex education earlier in March 2007. Sex toys are also banned in the country, it is against Indian culture. India needs to wake up and get with it! Hell, it's a nation in which George Clooney can't even kiss Bollywood stars in public. Hell, how much of the knockoff Viagra comes from Indian pharmaceutical factories?

Crezendo Condoms, the maker of the vibrating condom launched it’s product six months ago and claims the company offers a novel way of encouraging safe sex in India. Mukesh Gupta, the distributor of the product says, “It is not a sex toy but simply a pleasure enhancer that is in great demand by the people”. Those 24-inch double ended dildos the American porn stars love aren't sex toys either…. They're just accessories in Pornowood.

India has a population of 1.1 billion and has a large number of HIV and AIDS infected people and hopefully this will just be another weapon to help encourage condem use to curb the spread of AIDS. 

I do have to applaud the Crezendo Condom company for creating a niche market in designing a product to make the Indian people want to run out and buy condoms. But I do wonder where the batteries go.

Innovation out of India: Vibrating Condoms
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One thought on “Innovation out of India: Vibrating Condoms

  • November 21, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    a vibrating condom? how the * is that possible?


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