Hooters Girl thought she was getting a Free Toyota in Drinking Contest

Hooters Girl wins Toy Yoda in Drinking Contest - Thought it was a ToyotaThis is a funny story about everyones favorite chicken wings restaurant, Hooters. A Florida Hooters employee entered a drinking contest thinking the top prize was a brand new Toyota automobile. She was very mistaken!

In a funny twist and play on words, Hooters didn't award a Toyota but gave her a ……

A Toy Yoda!

Jodee Berry, the former waitress, is now suing Hooters! Appearantly, she wasn't too amused by the joke!

Jodee Berry sits with her Toy Yoda that she won in a Hooters drinking contest. She thought she was winning a Toyota.


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15 Responses to “Hooters Girl thought she was getting a Free Toyota in Drinking Contest”

  1. NOYB says:



  2. jeff says:

    what a dumb bitch. how she gonna sue them?


    how Reply:

    In court, presumably.

    And the lawyer for hooters obviously knew she would win, because they settled out of court and gave her more than enough money to get a new Toyota.


  3. Malcolm says:

    Happy I’m Not


  4. lol toyyoda hah says:

    Lol i would have taken a toy yoda, pick up more chicks 😛


  5. Paul says:

    Screw Hooters….I hope the chick wins against them.


    Travis Reply:

    That’s my goal every night.


  6. Loewrider says:

    When I’m going to golf, I have a caddy lack.


  7. XorntobeBad says:

    Toy Yoda’s are a hell of a lot safer.


  8. Richie says:

    She can ride him too…..


  9. Pee says:

    It was a beer sales contest, not a drinking contest. Stupid people Are fun to pick on.


  10. chandan says:

    still she got some money :) lucky gal


  11. brad says:

    wow…i used to work at hooters and we did all kinds of stuff to the hooters girls….al a cook i would take all new girls and tell them they have to feed the oysters or they would die…so i gave them a small packet of ”oyster” crackers and took them to the cooler and watched as they fed the oysters…some of them were scared tthat the oysters would bite them….wow…


  12. brad says:

    oh and she used to work for raisins right, or was it ”a” cups….hmmm…cause she aint got no damn tittys…


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