Man wakes up and thinks he has a headache after his wife shoots him.In Florida, a Port St. Lucie man Michael Moylan woke up on Tuesday morning with a severe headache.  Michael’s wife April Moylan, drove her husband to the hospital. April told the admitting nurse her husband had a headache. After the nurse had looked at Michael’s head, she immediately knew he had a gun shot wound.

April eventually confessed to accidentally shooting her husband, after giving police several conflicting stories. Oh yeah, both the husband and wife are convicted felons.

This lady is really stupid, she shot her husband, passed it off as, ” Honey you have a bad headache,” and thought she could fool the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

How can somebody get shot in the head and think it’s just a headache, there was even blood on the pillow. He must have been wacked out of his mind on some serious pain pills or other drugs.

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Michael MoylanApril Moylan

Honey You Just Have a Headache, I Don’t Know How That Bullet Got There
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