Homeless people are healther than the average AmericanA report by Health & Human Services Department claims that the homeless lifestyle is healthier than the average American. The report is based on several demographic groups all across the US. They factored in diet, exercise and recreational actives. The report is due out early next week and does state that the homeless do maintain a lower quality of life but are healthier.

I find this hard to believe. I can believe that the homeless do get plenty of exercise every day, I think that the diet can’t possibly be healthy. The homeless are known for eating garbage, and let’s not forget the high number of homeless that are alcoholics. I am not saying that all the homeless have drug and alcohol problems, I’m just saying that a large number may.

homeles saddam hussein will dictate for beerMost of the time, I drive by these people without giving money. When I was in my 20’s I used to get a happy meal for them. As I drove away, I noticed many times, they just threw it out. I used to get angry, at what a waste of money that was.

The other thing is that the homeless have a lot more sun exposure than the average American. I don’t understand how this can be healthy either. What sort of recreational activities could the homeless possibly have besides pushing a stolen shopping cart down the street??

Homeless, Healther than the Average American?
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One thought on “Homeless, Healther than the Average American?

  • November 21, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    I think that when you gave them the mcdonalds food they thought: “I am unhealthy enough from not eating, I can’t afford to make it worse by eating this garbage”, or that’s my theory anyways


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