High Heel Shoes - Women wearing them are sexy, but running in them? Check out the popular High Heel shoe racesFew would disagree, but women wearing high heels is sexy. So, what does someone come up with? A sporting event! There’s a new craze among women worldwide; running races n High Heels. The most recent race, the one from Russia (below), had a first prize of $4000, the equivlent of anyways (a shitload of money in Russia) and the whole event, it’s appearantly sponsored by Glamour Magazine.

I’m no doctor, but can’t you get some serious injuries from giving your ankles this kind of abuse? Although, I am all for Glamour Magazine and their cohorts trying to raise awareness of the high heeled shoe and getting more women to wear them worldwide! Thanks Glamour!

The first video was from 2007 and took place in Russia. The other two vides are from Germany and Amsterdam in 2006.

The 2007 Glamour Magazine Russia High Heel Race

High Heel Race in Germany

Glamour Stiletto – High Heels race in Amsterdam

High Heel Racing – Women Worldwide Are Taking Part — Ankle Injury? What’s That?
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