Glen OrdneauGlen Ordneau of Sidleigh, MA, has a horrible curse, the poor man looks like a voodoo doll. Glen has declining health issues, such as extremely dry skin that looks like burlap, dry stringy hair, a stubby neck. He also has birthmarks over his heart, liver. and major curse areas and to top it all off has round black eyes. Glen also had a child accident where he fell on a sewer grate, mouth first and cut up his lips. His lips now have vertical scares with a stitch-like appearance.  

 When Glen was a child, he and his family were visiting New Orleans, where he received a voodoo doll as a gift. On the way home a blue pen broke in his backpack and the poor kid turned blue for a week.  Medical doctors are a bit skeptical, Glen has complained of decades of pain and agony, due to his resemblance to a voodoo doll. Doctors have agreed that “Well, he looks like a giant voodoo doll,” and doctors say that they are afraid of sticking Glen with needles.  Despite his deteriating health doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with him.  Voodoo has approximately fifty million followers world wide. It’s practiced in Brazil, Trinidad, Haiti, Cuba, New Orleans, and in homes around the world. Voodoo literally means “Spirit of God.” I think this poor guy needs some serious plastic surgery. He truly believes he resembles a voodoo doll and is is causing his pain and suffering. I also think that it’s a matter of what you believe, if you believe you are sick, you will really get sick. He probably reads up on all the voodoo statistics, news and research thereby re-enforcing his illness. Weird. (no pictures of him are available unfortunatly).

Glen Ordneau – The Voodoo Man or Hypochondriac?
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One thought on “Glen Ordneau – The Voodoo Man or Hypochondriac?

  • August 1, 2007 at 10:31 pm

    I would really like to see a picture of Mr. Ordneau, the human voodoo doll. Do you know where I can find any????


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