RobberSometimes criminals only get caught because of their own stupidity. A Jacksonville, NC, woman, Lolita Bullock, 45, was suspected of robbing a Bank of America.
She had elluded the police for ten days.

Lolita had heard that Crimestoppers was offerring a $2500 dollar reward for her arrest. Apparently she hadn’t stolen enought money from the Bank of America, or the extra $2500 was just too tempting to pass up. So, Lolita Bullock had turned herself in to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Departmant and asked that an accompanying friend recieve the reward money.  Unfortunately, the reward money doesn’t cover being in the company of a fugitive, so there will be no reward money for Lolita or her friend. How is she going to post her bail now?

Fugitive turns herself in for the reward money
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