Smoking on the Job?After reading my article about Dr. Shulgin, one of our readers, Sean had some pretty strong opinions on the matter as well. Sean had the following to say about me and Dr Shulgin:


Wow, your handle of “The Blonde Idiot”, doesn’t even begin to describe you…
Your definitely the type of person who is easily persuaded by what the media tells them. Dr. Shulgin is one of the greatest chemists of our time, and a very responsable researcher. It is only because stupid people who cannot respect the power of psychadelics abuse them and give them a bad name. Try reading the book DMT: the spirit molecule before you start bad-mouthing tryptamines that Dr. Shulgin synthesized. Do some research next time before you start slandering someone else you dont know and know nothing about…just a suggestion

Dr. Shulgin is responsible for creating most of psychedelic compounds that are around for our youth today. He also has first hand knowledge of their affects, since he personal tested most of the compounds that he created. What a great job it must have been for him. Dr. Shulgin had a government contract to create hundreds of drugs, and try them out, getting high on the job. Do you get to get high on the job too?

I never said that Dr. Shulgin wasn't a great research doctor of our time. I actually think he is quite clever finding a job that allows you to get high on the job, legally.

The other point is that all his research and recipes for his compounds have been published for all the world and Internet to see. Thanks Doc for sharing your knowledge, I am sure many people are enjoying it very much.

My opinion on the drugs laws is that I think that the government should just legalize them all. My take on it is, marijuana, and other drugs, would become cheaper to buy, more available, less desirable, and evenually lose most of its' appeal. That fact that these substances are illegal makes them popular. Just take a look at the countries that have legalized marijuana, they don't have near the drug problem that we do in this country. I have no interest in taking drugs, and I don't smoke marijuana, but I do think that in some case it can help, such as cancer patients, and other persons in pain.

Let's not forget all the tax dollars that would be earned and saved. The amount of money that goes into undercover drug raids is ridiculous, some of that money would be better spent on education. This country has a serious deficit, alot of the new taxes on marijuana would certainly help. Just my somewhat idiotic opinion.

Thanks for your comment Sean, whether possitive or negative I still look forward to hearing from everyone.

Follow up: “Buy LSD like substance over the Internet”
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One thought on “Follow up: “Buy LSD like substance over the Internet”

  • February 6, 2009 at 6:59 am

    You are totally correct.

    The problem is that law enforcement is an industry. Police officers, judges, and lawyers all have a vested interest in keeping harmless drugs illegal. The more people that are filtered through the court systems the better for them.

    Of course, most of Europe is far ahead of the US in decriminalizing class D and C narcotics. What you want to put in your own body is your business alone.

    Not that it really matters, the US is likely to dissolve in a few years anyway.


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