Ass out of the groundIn Plymouth, Wis. there are donkeys roaming all around appearantly. Francis and Karee Abbott, called Firefighters to rescue a donkey from their well. Apparently the donkey had fallen through some planks covering the well and dropped approximately fifteen feet.

It must have been interesting as to how the donkey was actually discovered, this giant ass of an animal sticking out of the well and hearing it’s strange cries, “Heee Haw” , would surely not be pleasant. It took Firefighters an hour and half (they had to trade Paris Hilton rumor tidbits or something) before the animal was finally rescued, using a harness and tow truck to hoist the animal up. So, the donkey was stuck in the well for a while, don’t drink the water Francis and Karee.

After a veterinarian examined the donkey, he concluded that the animal seems to be fine.

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Firefighters rescue ass sticking out of a well.
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