Mortgage Crisis has only just begun!The mortgage crisis is about to hit full throttle, and the brittle “house” of cards about to come crashing down on the US economy. The government is trying to rescue us by lowering interest rates and introducing a stimulus package to energize the economy. I feel that these efforts are not going to fix the root of the problem and things are going to get much much worse before there is any sign of a recovery. Here are seven creative ways in which we could revitalize the economy and keep us from becoming the bitch of the modern world.

Some of these could help revitalize our economy and even bring back the housing boom of 2005.

1. Make Walmart buy more of their goods from US Manufacturers – legislation should be passed to impose sanctions on Walmart as they are one of the biggest reasons our economy is going to shit. Where do you think all those tax rebates checks are going to be spent? Walmart. This in turn will mean even more money going straight back to China!

2. Legalize, Regulate and Tax things that society says is bad for us, but we do them anyways. Legalize some of the softer drugs, imagine all the marijuana tax money that would flow into the government coffers! Not to mention all the lost money that is laundered overseas so that is remains hidden from American authorities. Legalize and tax prostitution – men will pay for sex if it’s illegal or not, so why not profit off of it? They travel to popular sex tourism destinations like Thailand, Costa Rica, and Amsterdam just to get off, over and over. Conventional wisdom says that if pay-for-sex were legal and regulated, many of those people would stop travelling abroad and start banging more of our women here. Strip clubs are already seeing a slow down here in America, and many of them are fronts for prostitution anyways. Stop punishing and legalize it!

3. Ship our criminals to Cuba, Iran, North Korea or some other country we hate. Hell, Cuba did it to us! We spend billions on jails and the penal system every year – let’s just get rid of these people and turn the corrections system into forced labor camps! I’m not proposing all the criminals get sent away, and I don’t have a suggestion as to the which crimes warrant staying and which shouldn’t but it would cut down on the amount of prisons we have to pay to keep open. Of course #2 above would take care of a lot of the felons too. We could even have public executions of the worst of our criminals, imagine the flow of money from corporate sponsorships and ticket fees.

4. The government should step in and mandate free movie and music downloads for everyone – Hollywood needs to come up with a better way to monetize their productions via advertising, sponsorships or some other newfound way. They are already losing billions in revenue anyways from it. It should lower costs in the long run and make for fewer shitty movies and horrible singers. Outsource the advertising to Google or something.

5. Retroactively cap executive pay – these guys are way overpaid as it is, yet they keep getting more and more money for less and less work on their part. Make them pay back to the American people all the money they have taken and lined their own pockets with.

6. Let Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and all the other hotspots we want to control destroy themselves. We could focus more on preventing nuclear weapons from crossing our borders and spur domestic defense spending. Do we really care about Iraq? Other than to make sure we get their oil for years to come? We could even come in after they blow themselves up in 50 years to pillage any resources that are still left.

7. Tax religion! These guys take so much money from people and brainwash them to keep believing. I don’t know about you but we shouldn’t be giving tax breaks to these institutions that try to control every aspect our lives. They harbor child molesters. They lie to us! They hinder technological innovation and have done so for thousands of years! It’s time to me these religious fuckers pay for their “sins”.

I know some of these are very sensitive subjects for some…………. It’s 2008 and many things just aren’t working anymore. It’s time to change.

What do you think?

Economy Meltdown – The Worst Has Yet To Come?
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5 thoughts on “Economy Meltdown – The Worst Has Yet To Come?

  • September 24, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    Wow, excellent progressive ideas! Unfortunatly ideas such as these will fall on deaf ears even though I agree with many of them. And you were so right about the tax rebate checks! good call.


  • October 19, 2008 at 3:21 am

    Yes, i also reckon that this is the right way to act right now before complete fiasco. However, i must say these ideas are very good and seminal. Also, i think levying tax on religion activities is peremptory now.


  • November 4, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    i think all of your ideas are great except one on taxing religion.

    do you think we should tax miracle hill, the salvation army, or st judes foundation because of the donations they take?

    churches take donations and do not force the people to give the money and the money is used for the building and to help people within the church who are struggling finacially. it also pays the salary of the pastor so he can afford and focus on helping by consuling people or couples and also preaching the message. the people who go to church or are relgiously active are the ones who give the most money to charities. so just because you have no hope to have any life after death and dont believe you have a soul does not mean they should be taxed.


  • November 21, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Basically the only plausible idea you mentioned had to do with Wal-Mart. If we did majority of our production and purchasing of goods inside of the US then our own economy would be much better. Sure it would cost more to do business, but eventually everything would equal out and companies would be much stronger. Also, in doing so executives would have to cap their own pay, because majority of profit comes from outsourcing product and tacking on 500 percent before you sell it to the American community. Ask any jeweler, he’ll tell you that majority of jewelry materials and construction are done outside the US for pennies, and marked up between 200 and 900 percent before hitting American stores.

    The criminals don’t need to go anywhere outside the US. They’d be more likely to come back as terrorists with American intel, and that’s not a good idea. It’d be more effective to create a “Felon” state, where all the criminals are rounded up and stuck in the middle of a civilization of their own making. Surround the area with fence and high-tech detection devices, maybe even land mines, and leave them inside. They can grow their own food, kill their own game, build their own houses, etc. Also, instead of just creating more criminals with our hypocritical society, we need to be doing more preventative care. Do like China: educate kids year round, and educate them hard. No drop outs. Send the kids to prison-style schools if you have to until they graduate. Everyone keeps blaming our economy on greedy people. That’s not the problem. That might be a branch of the problem, but it’s not the root. The root of the problem is that America is STUPID. We sit around and veg out on tv and videogames all day long while our kids run around fucking eachother, getting pregnant, and doing who knows what with drugs. Keep in mind, all these fuck-up juveniles are the future of America, like it or not. And what do they grow up to be? Low-lifes and degenerates with no motivation and no worth. Even the ones who grow up to run companies are still half retarded from drinking since they were 16, or doing meth. And what’s going to happen to them in the long run? Simple, their long-term personality developed from self-awareness-age and on will come out and they’ll think of themselves first. Then, POOF! You’ve got yourself a half-educated idiot who’s the CEO of Ford or Chevy, flying around in million-dollar personal jets whining about how little money their company has.

    As for the taxing of religion, are you an idiot? Spreading that kind of hate will only come back on you. Just because you’re frustrated because someone said that no matter what you’ll be held accountable one day for all your wrong-doings shouldn’t make you behave like a spoiled step-child. I’m so sick and tired of hearing the same bullshit spewed by people who don’t agree with religion. If I had a buck for every time I heard the word “brainwash” from some nut job I’d be able to fix the economy myself. Do you even know the first thing about real brainwashing? Do any of you who use that term? Your generalizations and gross assumptions betray your intelligence (or the lack thereof). Quit your whining and just accept the fact that your just as evil as every other human out there. The difference between a religious person and anyone else is that at least the religious person can accept that they are inadequate and selfish, just like every other human. Someone like you just walks around saying, “No, there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just unique and therefore I have no faults!”

    As for harboring child molesters – what the fuck are you talking about? I can guarantee you that there’s at least 5 registered sex offenders in your area. So, by you not speaking out and picketing outside of their houses telling them to get out, then anyone could say the same about you harboring them.

    Oh, I love that statement by the way. “They lie to us!” You’re pathetic. Go cry to your mommy you poor defenseless liberal. We all lie, you dumb ass. Oh, but they tell great big lies, huh?! Uh-oh, better get over it before you soil your diapers! That’s such a stupid statement. At least give a frigging example that’s noteworthy. At least with the child-molesters thing you might have had a half a chance of making a legitimate argument, but this one goes nowhere.

    The other part just makes me laugh! They hinder technological advancement? HAH! How so? If you’re talking about cloning and stem cell research, then maybe you should do a little research before opening your ignorant mouth. Technology like that was put on hold because it may or may not constitute a crime against humanity, not religion, and nobody wants to take that risk! Go sit in a corner and cry about it, child.

    All the other rancor you spewed onto the internet isn’t even worth mentioning. You fail and demonstrating any worth.

    Anyways, I’m done with my ranting. Playing with idiots gets boring after awhile. I think I’ll go harbor some child molesters, then lie about it, and stop all the production of light bulbs in our country because it appeases my religion.



    jack Reply:

    i totaly agree with you this guy is a fucking idiot. what is he talking about child melestores.


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