Jarell Paul Arnold, a 34 year old man from Anchorage, Alaska walked into the local Midtown credit union to do some banking. Mr. Arnold inquired about the balance on his account giving the teller his account number and ID. The tell Letecia Chroust was happy to help and gave Arnold the information. When Chroust was finish, Arnold handed her an old reciept with a note on the back. The note said,”I have a gun. Give me all the money in your drawer.” Chroust never saw a gun but didn’t hesitate to comply with the damand. Chroust handed Arnold $600, all the money she had in her drawer. Arnold stuffed the cash in his jacket and ran out of the bank. The robbery took place at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union on Juneau Street, on Friday August 14 at approximately 1:00pm.

Arnold elluded the police and FBI until Monday August 17, when he was finally arrested. This is Arnold’s second arrest for bank robbery. Arnold served 57 months in prison in 2004 for bank robbery. One would think that after getting caught the first time, Arnold would have gotten smarter with his tactics, learn from your mistakes. If your going to rob a bank don’t give your ID to the teller and definitely don’t leave it at the bank that your robbing.

bank robbery for dummies

Perhaps somebody should send Arnold a copy of this to read in prison. He might learn a few things.

Dumb Bank Robber
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