Woman gets DUI while riding a horse 

In Sylvania, AL a woman was arrested for DUI. This is no big news, however the woman wasn’t even driving, she was riding. York, the Alabama woman was riding her horse on the road and obstructing traffic, when police asked her to get off the horse. York was eventually apprehended and charged with riding the horse under the influence, drug possession and drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, assault, and eluding police.

Drug possession is a misdemeanor, but DUI, in its literal meaning is driving under the influence. I don’t really think she could have had a car accident with her horse. Police Chief Brad Gregg says that DUI can be charged even if the vehicle has four legs. How can an animal be considered a vehicle? If you had a very large dog, like a Great Dane, and sat on him drunk, could you also be charged with DUI?

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DUI on a Horse? WTF!
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