harley davisonIn Almeda, Texas, a bar had refused to serve a 47 year old man, on the account he was so drunk, he was asked to leave the establishment. The 47 year old man’s name has not been released, I’ll call him Joe. Joe had stumbled out of the bar and fell on a Harley Davidson. After managing to climb to his feet, Joe wandered into a store that was next to the bar.

As Joe was walking out of the store, with his beer purchase, another man from inside the store went outside to look at what had happened to his bike. The man confronted the drunken Joe. He was enraged that Joe had knocked over his bike and proceeded to pound and punch Joe several times, until Joe fell to the ground, hitting his head on the concrete.

Joe got a beating, but he did manage to go home and crawl in his bed.

Around five in the morning Joe’s dad had discovered that he had died in his bed.

Moral of the Story: Don't fuck with other people's Harley's.

Police are still not sure there will be charges filed.

Original story:  Click Here

Drunk or Not, Don’t Mess With the Harley Davidson
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