Department of the Interior ScandalThirteen employees from the Interior Department were named in a two-year long report about an investigation into the Denver Minerals Management Service office. The report cost U.S. taxpayers $5.3 million and describes a fraternity like culture within the organization. Rigging contracts, sexual relationships, promotion of an adult toy side business, cocaine use and many others were amongst the individual items detailed in the report.

The DMMS office is responsible for marketing and selling oil and gas that the government received as payment for drilling rights on Federal land. Last year alone, the government received $4.3 billion from these royalty-in-kind payments alone! The report goes on to explain how nearly a third of the employees at the Denver branch received some sort of kickbacks from oil and gas companies.

The investigation all started with a 2006 phone call from an anonymous whistle blower at the Denver office.

Your Government Working HARD For You!

Department of The Interior Employees in Sex and Gift Scandal
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