Couple having sex on roof end up falling to their deathIn Columbia South Carolina, a couple was found naked on the side of the road around five a.m. by a cabdriver driving by. A man and woman in their 20’s are suspected to have fallen off a four-story roof of a downtown office building. The couple’s clothing was found on the roof, so police are led to believe that the couple may have been having sex on the roof, and fell off.

Apparently, it must have been so good the couple didn’t realize how close to the edge they were, and plummeted to their deaths. This is sad, really, this couple was probably looking for some excitement in their sex life but didn’t count on their "fucking" death. Idiots shouldn't be having sex, but then again who would we pick on if stupid people weren't popping out babies. Of course, I'm not picking on this poor dead couple as it is a tragic incident, but people as a whole.

Couple having sex on a rooftop fall to their death
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2 thoughts on “Couple having sex on a rooftop fall to their death

  • June 21, 2007 at 10:30 am

    This may be a tragedy, but I have not been able to read the accounts without (1) laughing and (2) thinking, this has got to be a contender for the next Darwin Awards.

    Female victim was named “Tumblestone.”


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