In Kansas, a convicted kidnapper decided he was going to countersue a Kansas couple that he held hostage while on the run in September 2009. I feel only in America is something like this possible, I mean where else do you hear of someone kidnapping a couple and then after being caught by police, turning around and suing those people you held captive for not aiding and a bedding a criminal? Well, I guess in this case the answer would be Kansas.

Topeka, Kansas news reports said Jesse Dimmick of Aurora, Colorado has filed a countersue claim on both Jared and Lindsay Rowley of Kansas for them reneging on an “oral contract” to hide him in exchange for money. Jesse Dimmick blames the Rowley couple for his capture and being shot in the back by police in 2009. Dimmick expects the couple to pay him in the amount of $235,000 for a breach of contract.

In September, the Rowley couple sued Jesse Dimmick for $75,000 for invading their home and the emotional distress that came along with it. The Rowley’s were newlyweds at the time, so you can only imagine how awesome and safe the couple must have felt, in assuming their new home. Dimmick, who was 23 years old at the time, was convicted in May 2010 and sentenced to nearly 11 years in prison. However, he is now jailed in Denver Colorado, where he is facing murder and other charges from the September 2009 slaying of a 25 year old Denver area man.

“As a result of the plaintiffs breach of contract, I, the defendant suffered a gunshot to my back, which almost killed me. The hospital bills alone are in excess of $160, 000, which I have no way to pay,” said Jesse Dimmick, which was filed last month. Police said one of the officers rifles accidentally discharged when Dimmick was captured after the Rowleys slipped away while Dimmick dozed off in the house.

Jesse Dimmick is also suing the city of Topeka and is demanding more than $75,000, including medical expenses to be paid to him. A pretrial is said to be set for Decemeber 6, the Topeka paper says. Personally, I think this is absurd that this is even able to be reviewed. This is a convicted murderer who also kidnapped a couple by invading their home and now gets to try to be rewarded for it.

Convict Sues Hostages for Not Hiding Him
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