Singer Chris Brown had his sentencing handed down today from the judge for beating up his former girlfriend, Rhianna.

The Judge is requiring him to attend domestic-abuse program for a year. 1400 Community service hours of labor, and five years of probation. He must also stay away from Rhianna.

Some say the sentencing was too light, what do you think? Should he have gotten jail time???

Chris Brown Beats Up Rhianna and Gets Off Easy!
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2 thoughts on “Chris Brown Beats Up Rhianna and Gets Off Easy!

  • August 23, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Fact is, “REAL MEN” don’t hit women. PERIOD.
    This jerk should have gone to jail for awhile only to think about what he did. Low self-esteem was envolved here and control issues.

    I can tell you this, whoe it be unto him who ever hurts my loved ones. Whoe be to him…..



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