Will Americans become the sweatshop workers for the next big China Boom?As the financial markets continue to crumble China will soon swoop in and make us their bitch! That’s right soon there will be little American schoolchildren sweatshops making things for China. You see folks, your money in the bank is safe only as long as our government has the funds to guarantee it. If the domino effect of the financial system continues on it’s course, the entire economy could collapse. Your money in the bank will disappear and the government will not be able to pay out the insurance guarantee as it will have overpaid would it could pay out! Investments in a wide variety of financial instruments will become a fraction of what they once were. And yes, we will shortly be sending our school children to sew sneakers for snooty Chinese kids. There will soon be an even bigger Chinese economic boom at the cost of the United States!

Everything is unwinding, what started with the Housing Bubble is leading to a complete money bubble! Get ready for higher income taxes, goods that cost much much more than what they do now, and oh yeah….. NO JOBS! That’s right unemployment is going to sky high percentages! There will be no available jobs, there are so many highly educated people about to be out of a job that they will scramble to jobs that pay just a fraction of the jobs they had just a few short weeks ago. There will be less employment opportunities for the vast majority of the American population.

There really isn’t any single person to blame, we as a country got accustomed to living like this, our banks are in way more debt than we are and if we can’t pay the bank how are the banks going to stay afloat? The economic outlook sucks….

What’s your opinion on the issue? Is 2008 the year of the Worldwide Depression?

China Buys the United States for $1 trillion!
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2 thoughts on “China Buys the United States for $1 trillion!

  • December 28, 2008 at 9:16 am

    Is 2008 the year of the world Depression? Not sure, if the article would have been about the world, and not just America’s over-paid lifestyle, I might be able to answer that question, mine to you is, since when is the U.S.A the friggen WORLD?


  • January 18, 2009 at 10:26 am

    yeah..it is still the recession period going on in USA and other countries which are directly or indirectly dependent on US…but it will also go like a wind..


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