Bush, Afraid of a nation of orgy seeking peopleImagine a world with no diseases? Where getting old is a thing of the past. Is Bush just afraid we'll all go back to having Romanesque sex orgies when there are no incurable STDs in existance? He doesn't want America to be doing stem cell research for whatever religious reasons. What ever happened to seperation of church and state?

Stem cell research is one of the most promising studies that have the potential to cure serious medical conditions like cancer, heart disease, and birth defects. Scientist could use human stems to test to medications safety, and the most promising is the generation of cells, tissues and organs for transplants. Replacement cells and tissues could possibly treat conditions like spinal cord injury, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, diabetes, and burns, and even repair the body.

There are embryonic stem cells, which come from donated embryos, that have been fertilized in the clinic, not donated from eggs fertilized in the woman’s body. The embryo used is a hollow microscopic ball called the blastocyst. Then there are adult stem cells, found in bone marrow, blood, tissue, and even in the brain. Adult blood forming stem cells derived from bone marrow have been used in transplants for thirty years. There are even some new breakthrough techniques for treating heart disease from ones own blood. 

I just don’t understand why Bush has a problem with people living longer. The benefits seem almost endless. All of the people in wheel chairs might be able to walk again. The blind would be able to see.  No more cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, heart disease, common colds, and possibly old age. No more waiting on a long list for an organ, hoping you don’t die first. The possibly of staying young is even there, can you imagine not having gray hair, your hair might be able to regenerate itself. Even wrinkles, might be a thing of the past. The possibility of living much, much longer is also very exciting. 

With the possibility of expanding life expectancy, we also have the added years of geniuses of our time being able to work longer and make more rapid breakthroughs in medicine and technology. 

Does Bush want us to die of disease and old age? Just because he is old and wrinkled doesn’t mean the rest of us want to be that way if we can help it. Maybe he's is deathly afraid of a nation of Woodstock minded orgy seeking people.

Bush, afraid of orgies running rampant!
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