Man gets caught in CVS Air Vent during attempted robbery.In an apparent attempt at stealing a bunch of drugs from a CVS pharmacy, Jeffery Mumani was arrested in Silver Springs Shores after he crawled into an air conditioner vent and got stuck there. He was wedged in the vent overnight for around 10 hours before calling out for help when the store opened at 8 AM.

Jeffery Claims he heard a cat crying and tried to crawl up into the vent to help the poor kitty but got stuck in the process, of course the cat alibi didn’t sit well with police who found burglary tools on him. Not to mention he has a history of possession of narcotic painkillers, OxyContin.
Jeffry Mumani, idiot Burglar gets stuck in Air Vent during botched robbery!

Burglar Gets Stuck in Air Vent during Attempted Drug Store Theft
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