The founder of an Oakland food factory that laces everything from cookies to barbecue sauce with marijuana has been on trial recently for a federal drug charge. Federal drug agents raided Tainted Inc. in Oakland a few years ago, and arrested three of Martin’s employees on drug charges for allegedly producing such marijuana-laced products as honey, soda and other snacks. At the time, federal officers couldn’t find Martin and considered him a fugitive. Martin said he was on vacation and made arrangements to promptly turn himself in once he’d heard of the raids.


Thirty- three year old Martin said he was making the products for medical marijuana clubs in California. California law has legalized marijuana use to treat medical conditions, but federal law bans the plant’s use for all purposes. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that federal law trumps state law when it comes to medical marijuana.


According to the search warrants, Tainted Inc.’s products first came to the attention of investigators in April 2004 when an internal Drug Enforcement Administration publication reported that agents had recently seized marijuana-laced candy bars called Buddafingas and Stoners that were wrapped in packages mimicking the popular brands Butterfingers and Snickers.


For his sentence he got 5 year probation!


What do you think about his sentencing? Should the government relax medical marijuana laws or find a way to make the states comply or step up enforcement efforts currently underway?

Buddafingers and Stoners Candy Bars Owner Sentenced
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One thought on “Buddafingers and Stoners Candy Bars Owner Sentenced

  • March 28, 2009 at 4:57 am

    What the Hell has it got to do with anyone what you choose to put in your body? Marijuana hasn`t to date killed a single person yet alcohol and smokes are legal? This bloody world doesn`t make sense. Too many idiots running around. God dammit, Marijuana is a natural plant. How do you make nature against the law?


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