The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is launching a new search for bigfootYup, that's right there really is such a thing as the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. They are launching an expedition next month in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The search will be based around Eastern Marquette County, hot on the tail of the most recent bigfoot sighting. Bigfoot has long been considered folklore and is dismissed by mainstream scientists who dismiss the sightings as folklore or hoaxes.

Given that bigfoot has remained "undiscovered" for so long, I don't expect them to come back with anything but mosquito bites and poison ivy rashes. Maybe they just have a bad case of Deliverance syndrome. Boys in the woods!

According to Wikipedia, the first accounts of Bigfoot date back to 1924 but there are similar accounts dating back to atleast the 1860s. Whichever date is correct it would probably mean that there are at least two bigfoots out there and they have been mating having little bigfoot babies.

Maybe they'll come back with some new high resolution photos of bigfoot one of them dressing up as bigfoot.

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization Launching Search for Elusive Bigfoot

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