attack squirrelAttacking killer squirrel seems to prefer aged meat. This attack squirrel injured three people in Berlin, Germany. The squirrel first found his way into to a woman's house, who was 72 years old. The woman had no idea of the squirrel’s presence until the squirrel leaped from behind her and bit down on her hand. She become so frightened that she ran outside screaming and shaking her hand, with the squirrel still firmly attached. The old woman, after violently shaking her hand, was able to shake the squirrel off her.

Next the squirrel wondered on to a construction site and bit a worker on the hand and arm. The construction worker was able to fight off the crazed squirrel with a measuring pole.  

The lunatic squirrel still was not satisfied, and ventured into a 72 year old man’s garden and aggressively bit him several times on the hand, arms, and the thigh. Every time this crazy squirrel attacked he seemed to be more vicious, and bit more numerously. The old man was able to beat off the squirrel with his crutch, eventually killing the squirrel.

Authorities are not sure why the squirrel acted the way he did, they say it may be because it is matting season, or that the animal may be sick. I’m sure that’s comforting to the people the squirrel has bitten, they should go for rabies shots.

Attack Squirrel Prefers Aged Meat
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